1 Medical Surgical Telemetry
May 2023
1 Medical Surgical Telemetry
Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital
United States
Jenna Moore
Danielle Adam
Quinville Assesa
Bao Au
Taylor Blackmon
Kelsey Blair
Mayra Bruner
Leslie Callaway
Maliyah Chance
Josephine Church
Connor Creedon
Samuel Dizon
Mariamma Eappen
Kimberly Edwards
Ashley Ellison
Deyala Elsaadi
Jenelyn Erguiza
Natalie Escamilla
Janet Fontanilla
Cindy A. Garcia
Cindy Garcia
Linda Garcia
Lizett Garcia
Aaleyah Gelus
Jasmin Gomez
Taylor Guajardo
Teresa Guerrero
Sharmila Gurung
Teresa Hail
Maria Hammond
Dannya Hernandez
Randie Jeansonne
Rachel Joseph
Mary Kangethe
Marcy Kavattu
Yuan Liu
Lucia Lopez
Jessica Margenau
Roni Mani
Ross Martin
Jazmine Martinez
Mylene Mata
Ashley Parker
Haley Parks
Hema Patel
Felicia Perkins
Sandra Phu
Emilia Reyes
Mindy Rivera
Elisa Rodriguez
Alexandra Rojas
Griselda Salazar
Ratnamyee Sarker
Erin Schuman
Katie Sennholtz
Sonal Sheth
Antionette Smith
Gina Soler
Jennifer Stillman
Joanna Suastegui
Noureen Sunesara
Laura Tamez
Molinec Tath
Suni Thomas
Bobby Varghese
Stephany Sanchez




Our team here on 1B is the best! Everyone is willing to offer a helping hand, no matter what! Without the teamwork and willingness of our team, it would be impossible. We go through a lot of tough shifts, and without the team, our days would be harder. We try to ensure we are providing the best quality personal care and keeping our patients safe. I truly believe that because of our teamwork and unity, we help each other provide that type of care on a daily basis. It is a blessing to work with others, you know have your back, and would step in at any moment to help. For example, in any code, or RRT almost every nurse is willing to help and do whatever is needed. Someone is always there to assist in the situation but also someone is always willing to ensure that nurses and other patients are being cared for and taken care of until the situation resolves.