May 2020
16 Neuroscience
Acute Care Unit
16 Neuroscience Acute Care Unit
Parkland Health & Hospital System
United States
DAISY TEAM Name: Santa’s Helpers
Inpatient Unit: 16 Acute Neurosurgery
Nominated by Amy McIntire, BSN, RN
Manager: Alice Mathew, DNP, RN
Participants List: Amy McIntire BSN, RN, Rosario Cazares, RN, Andrea Forero-Segura, RN, Viola Black, RN, Manju Koirala, RN, Shona Zachariah, MSN, RN, Hiwet Tecle, RN, Avery Cobb, RN, Lauren Smalley, APP, Nicole Moler, APP




You see, this team had been busy little elves and were able to raise $1,800.00 to gift to Mom.
Did you know that Santa’s Helpers are actually nurses? Christmas for families with critically ill loved ones in the hospital can be particularly rough, both emotionally and financially. The 2020 holiday season was no exception for a 34-year-old patient, who spent the last year in and out of the hospital. Her mom faced even more challenges. The patient’s mom worked from home, caring for the patient whenever she was not in the hospital and raising the patient’s 6-year-old daughter, who was also doing virtual school due to COVID. Mom still found a way to visit the hospital every day.

Mom had to move due to financial difficulties, and she needed a home to better accommodate the patient’s needs. The patient’s brother moved in and was working two jobs to help ends meet. We all have that patient that smiles and says thank you no matter what the circumstance. This team of Santa’s Helpers wanted to return the gift this patient and her family had given them: a reason to smile.

The 34-year-old patient had been asking about Santa. On a day that the patient had been in excellent spirits saying Santa was coming, Santa’s Helpers joined with the provider team and brought gifts for the patient, the patient’s daughter, and Mom. You see, this team had been busy little elves and were able to raise $1,800.00 to gift to Mom. Through tears, the patient’s mom said she didn’t have the words to give enough thanks. The electric bill was too much and overdue and scheduled to be turned off in a couple of days. Because of this donation, when the patient was discharged home on hospice, the electricity would still be on.