October 2017
2Lt Rose
2Lt Rose Clark
Mother Baby Unit
Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center
Fort Hood
United States




LT Clark was awesome. She actually cared about me and my baby. She was also great with my family and visitors. She was always pleasant to be around. She always had great tips and was very informative which is a plus for us new moms. She was very passionate about everything she did. LT Clark always cared about our progress and helped every step of the day. We always got sad when her shift was over.
LT Clark didn't let blood or anything change how she worked. She helped me with my incision and literally helped me pull myself together the day of my surgery. Lt Clark understood the pain that one can have from a c-section. She provided excellent care. She made my stay the best. She was a breath of fresh air for the two days I had her as my day nurse. I don't usually write good notes on people, but she was outstanding. Keep being awesome LT Clark!