3 West Team
May 2021
3 West
Stanford Health Care- ValleyCare
United States
Tina Cartwright, MBA, BSN, RN, NE-BC, MEDSURG-BC
Patricia Abagyani BSN
Amber Aguilar DNP NP-Psychiatry
Cynthia Arambulo BSN
Camelia Avram BSN PHN
Justina Banaga BSN
Elamae Bantolino BSN
Adrienne Bartra RN
Theresa Bas-Herbalario BSN
Rossana Blood-Leonardo BSN
Patricia Bolin BSN
Carolyn Bortz RN
Karen Busath BSN
Haley Buteau BSN
Sarah Cheung BSN
Erika Cleveland BSN CMSRN
Rodolfo Cruz BSN
Almira Dabatos BSN
Valerie Declue BSN
Alexandria Ferrel BSN
Rachel Franklin BSN
Shaina Gaba BSN
Noemi Gajo BSN
Kelly Gibson RN
Chad Gregonis BSN
Linda Gutschank BSN
Nancy Lauren Heath RN
Delany Holmes RN
Regie Horry BSN
Erica Jones MSN-CNS
Marites Karsevar BSN
Mariam Karuga RN
Jennifer Khan BSN
Susan Kendall RN RN-BC
Mashid Kianfard BSN
Candice Le BSN
Michael MacLaren RN
Lori Manzano RN
Kimberly Matison RN
Veronica McMurdie BSN
Kristina Minch BSN
Jennifer Murphy RN
Maria Ordanza BSN
Marina Son BSN
David Sotomayor RN
Mindy Tindle BSN
Leslie Tobar BSN
Anna Ziolkowska BSN
Jennifer Rillston MSN-CNS PHN
Teresa Yust BSN




COVID-19 challenged all, yet for many patients, these nurses and CNA's were the last people they would ever see; holding hands for some as they took their last breath.
Together everyone achieves more. That is the description of the team on 3w. Rewind to March 2020, COVID-19 would reach the organization, and 3 west was chosen to be "the unit". As many emotions circled through all, the most important thing remained: to care for patients.

In what many would call surreal, relentless, exhausting, and heartbreaking, this team faced this head-on, with courage, compassion, and strength. This team did not let "FEAR" take them out (forget everything and run), this team faced "FEAR" as in "Face Everything and Rise." When the unit shut down from all disciplines, these staff members still showed up. When visitors weren't allowed to visit, these staff members still showed up, from decorating rooms to just sitting with patients and having conversations. When new technologies, clinical trials, and processes occurred, they still showed up, owned it, and thrived. When their unit closed, they showed up, floating to other units, separated from the team they know. Through perseverance, each team member remained steadfast in their commitment to serve and help others.

COVID-19 challenged all, yet for many patients, these nurses and CNA's were the last people they would ever see; holding hands for some as they took their last breath. Being isolated and alone, the staff connected many families and patients via zoom/facetime, being present for each to answer questions and decrease anxiety. The team found ways to successfully care for, comfort, and encourage healing for these patients. Knowledge, experience, and skills were elevated for all, as each shift/day, there was no knowing what may come through the doors. The team has brought forward awareness to issues/potential safety concerns to ensure patients' safety was at the forefront of care and to ensure our patients were on the right path for healing and recovery. Maintaining resiliency all while delivering positive and professional care, the 3 west team is a true example of the organization's Mission and Vision.

During the pandemic, this unit maintained their Likelihood to Recommend scores above the target demonstrating their commitment to patient-centered, quality care. In addition, numerous 3 West staff from RN's and CNA's, Unit clerks have supported the community swabbing and vaccination sites, ensuring the communities we serve have their needs met. For all these amazing things that this team has done, they are extraordinary and deserving to be a DAISY unit.