6th floor Orthopedics
May 2024
6th floor Orthopedics
University of Toledo Medical Center
United States
Lacumsky, Elizabeth J Patient Care Technician
Phillips, Rhonda M Staff Nurse
Eubank, Laura A Lead Nurse
Eggleston, Monica A Lead Nurse
Bell, Dessie E Clerk
San Diego, Merlin A Staff Nurse
Agan, Jeffrey J Lead Nurse
Slater, Laura A Staff Nurse
Zielinski, Jesslyn L Assistant Nursing Director
Christlieb, Jenna A Lead Nurse
Myers, Marissa A Staff Nurse
Wynne, Ashlynn E Staff Nurse
Spandix, Justin D Staff Nurse
Scheub, Nelson D Staff Nurse
Makras, Nicholas G Staff Nurse
Strable, Jenna R Staff Nurse
Nixon, Faith N Staff Nurse
Pokornik, Kayla Nursing Assistant
Chaney, Kelsey Staff Nurse
Winkle, Rachel L Staff Nurse
Vaughn, Damon R Staff Nurse
Wallenhorst, Kayleigh T Staff Nurse
Poole, Erica Patient Care Technician
Baydoun, Ali J Patient Care Technician
David, Hazel A Patient Care Technician
Reynolds, Toriana Patient Care Technician
Carr, Brianna Staff Nurse
Zwolensky, Lauren M Staff Nurse
Lafountain, Ali M Patient Care Technician
Babcock, Michelle L Staff Nurse
Lehman, Jonathan C Staff Nurse
Spencer, Brittany N Staff Nurse
Shuman, Jazmine Patient Care Technician
Windle, Julie Nursing Director




I would like to nominate the entire staff on 6AB. I was in the hospital over this past Christmas and New Year holiday. As you can imagine, it really messes with your emotions, but the staff was very compassionate, loving, and patient as I went through all the emotions of not getting to be with family. The aides would just stand next to my bed and console me while going above and beyond to help keep me comfortable and content. The aide made sure I was cleaned every day and would always check in to see if I needed anything at all.

Now, my nurses are absolute gems. They had to change my leg dressing every other day, and without any hesitation, they made sure I had my pain meds on board before they even began the tortuous changing of my dressing. All of the nurses were also very kind and compassionate to me. They were quick to get answers from my doctors. In fact, my afternoon nurse saved me from having to drink the nasty colonoscopy drink and convinced the doctor team to let me drink a lot of Powerade with Miralax in it. The staff on my floor were also very kind to my family members by always asking them if they had any questions or needed anything at all, and the team even allowed my husband to change my leg dressing as he knew how to do it without causing me so much pain. I'd like to thank the entire staff on floor 6AB for taking such good care of me.