Dr. Connie Hampton, Marjorie Exume, Tonya Anderson, Lorna King; Karolynne Baptiste, Alett Myles, Anupama Jacob, Angel Thomas
May 2021
9 Surgical
9 Surgical
Atlanta VA Health Care System
United States
Agnes Edwards, RN
Agnes Musonera, RN
Alett Myles, NA
Anupama Jacob, RN
Audrey CoombsChin, NA
Azeb Tassaw, RN
Carol Magee-Kennedy, RN
Christine Yorke, NA
Cree Fenty, NA
Debbie Whyte, NA
Delores Graham-Hepburn, RN
Elsie Bois, NA
Esther Oke, RN
Genevieve Wilburgh, RN
Ivenane Charleston, NA
Janell McKethan, RN
Joann Campbell, NA
Julienne Franck, NA
Karolynne Baptiste, RN
Marjorie Exume, RN
Mini Makkanal, RN
Minimol John, RN
Nissy Cleetus, RN
Reena Philip, RN
Richard Abdulai, RN
Ricky Sheppard, Ward Clerk
Tara Howell, NA
Temilade Kayode, RN
Terry Tesya, NA
Vanetta Hunt, NA




The staff took turns to ensure the iPad stayed propped up during the funeral services.
Patient S admitted to the 9th floor with a diagnosis of dementia, and COVID positive. Mr. S was 92-years-old, confused, combative, and required 1:1 supervision. Mrs. S was also positive for COVID and passed away previously. The same day her husband was admitted to the hospital. She passed away without him knowing. They were married since 1967. They had 4 children. The older son was also hospitalized with COVID during the same time at an outside hospital. This family had its share of heartaches, and the 9th-floor staff has seen this before on multiple occasions. Loved ones in the hospital, visits are limited if any at all, patients forced to go through the unknown alone. Mr. S at times would remember his wife had passed and would call out for her.

Mr. S’s condition was not going to improve. The primary nurse spoke with the sons and received the funeral service information. Ms. Baptiste and the rest of the team planned to assist Mr. S in saying his final goodbye to his wife. The staff made sure the iPad was fully charged overnight and practiced logging into the link the day before the services. We are not computer savvy and needed the help of our MSA Ricky. He’s always helping.

Mr. S was not able to hold the iPad. Due to COVID restrictions of 15 minutes or less for contact, the staff took turns to ensure the iPad stayed propped up during the funeral services. Mr. S was able to view and participate as much as he could in his beloved wife’s funeral. The family was very appreciative of the care and empathy from the staff. Mr. S passed. Although it was a sad outcome, we knew he went to join his beloved wife, and daughter forever.