Aida Abdulrahman
October 2019
Wound Care
Al Khor Hospital, Hamad Medical Corporation




It has been 7 years that I have been working with Aida and it is my pleasure to tell you about her and her work as a nurse.
Aida is such a dedicated nurse. The way she approaches the patient is awesome. There was a patient admitted to the unit with a very dirty wound. Since Aida received the referral, she visited the patient and did wound dressing daily. One day when I visited the patient, the patient told me that Aida was the best nurse here because she showed the patience to listen to his problems and gave him good psychological support.
When he was hesitant to eat, she was there to encourage the patient to have his food. I saw myself that Aida was personally serving food to the patient. When the patient said he doesn't have money to recharge his mobile, she recharged his mobile.
Aida is showing her dedication and commitment to all patients. Her primary responsibility is to do the wound dressing, but she is working beyond her job description. I felt that Aida really deserves an appreciation, to let the world know about her dedication, compassion, commitment, sympathetic, empathetic, and holistic care of her patients.