Ali Ackman
January 2017
SSM Health St. Francis Hospital
United States




Ali is an amazing nurse. I was a patient in OB, giving birth to my third child. When I realized the nurse who would be taking care of me during my labor and delivery was Ali, I became nervous. She appeared to be very young and new to the nursing field. As I was getting set up and ready for what was ahead, my nerves settled and all the thoughts that were going through my head seemed to fade away. The care that I received through the labor and delivery was wonderful, and I could not have asked for better care. As Ali's shift was ending, I still had not had the baby. She stated she would not be leaving until the baby was out and all was okay. She stayed with me the entire time. Shortly after her shift should have ended I had our little girl.
Ali is skilled, confident, and compassionate. I was amazed at Ali's knowledge, and if I had not known better, I would have assumed that Ali had been doing this for many years. She has a special touch that as a patient you need and want. When you are hospitalized, having a nurse with heart and skill is the absolute best. St. Francis is very lucky to have Ali, and she truly does live the Mission. I think of Ali often and I am grateful for the experience my family had with the birth of our daughter.