Alice Abrams
October 2013
St. Peter's Hospital
United States




Alice cared enough to help me with my trach after I was discharged. She came to radiology/oncology the days I was there to help me with trach - cleaning and changing the collar. This was not one time help, it was weeks. She helped my family learn how to do it too. She knew we were nervous about the trach; we live in a remote area and nursing service is not available. Alice was wonderful to support and encourage my family and me. I don't know what we would have done without her. She was caring and patient with each of us. She seemed to listen to our concerns and she was genuinely happy when I called her at work to tell her the trach was out. She is a nurse that deserves this award. She is a model Florence Nightingale. Thank you Alice, for all you do - but Thanks just doesn't seem to be enough.