Allyson Ackerman
March 2014
Neonatal ICU
Medical University of South Carolina
United States




I wanted to take a moment and praise one of your night shift NICU nurses, Allyson Ackerman. My wife and I have a four-month-old baby girl in the NICU. These past four months have been extremely difficult for us. Our daughter's condition has become difficult to manage and we are becoming increasingly worried she will not pull through. Allyson has gone out of her way to help make this a more bearable journey for us. She has come in multiple times on her time off to comfort us when our daughter's condition worsened. It meant the world to know that we weren't alone and someone cared as much as we do about our baby. Also impressive is the amount of time she would spend with us to ensure that we were okay before heading home for only a few hours of sleep before her night shift would start. Parents can be difficult to please in situations like ours. Allyson has a brilliant way of listening to our concerns, regardless of how ridiculous they might be, and taking the time to make us feel like we have a voice and that our concerns are important. Her knowledge, compassion, and dedication should be an example to others and if there are any forms of acknowledgement she surely deserves the highest honor.