Amy Adams
October 2016
Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital
United States




My newborn baby girlrequired a transfer to the NICU at another facility. She was born via C-section and had to be taken straight to the nursery at MJH because of hypoxia. Over the next 48 hours she was placed under an oxygen hood/bili lights so I was unable to hold her.On the morning of her transfer, Amy asked me if I had the chance to hold her yet and I told her no. She immediately preparedmy babyso I could hold her for two hours until she was transferred. Havingmy babyskin to skin for two hours was the best gift a new mom could have, and after waiting for two days it was the best feeling in the world. If Amy wouldn't have taken the time to ask, I wouldn't have had the opportunity for another three days in the NICU. Amy sat with me as I cried tears of joy and fear for my baby girl. She reassured me that everything would be all right and even shared that one of her own children was in the NICU for a while and was just fine now at 10 years of age.
I sit here writing this with my tears in my eyes for the compassion that was shown on that day by Amy. That is the true art of nursing, and being a nurse myself it truly makes me proud to know she is caring for not only the newborns but the families that come to MJH. She gave me the gift of holding my child, something that you cannot put a price on along with a hug and listening ear. She deserves to be recognized for the extra care and compassion she showed that day to our family and I am sure to other families every shift.