Amy Ahlstrom
September 2019
St. Agnes Hospital
Fond du Lac
United States




Amy Ahlstrom has served the Greater Fond du Lac Ministries since June 1982 as a Registered Nurse. During that time, she has served individuals as a hospital nurse in the surgical and pediatric areas and for the last 12 years as a clinical informaticist representing nursing and other health care roles. She is an active member of numerous committees and projects, with responsibility as chair for the Clinical Integration Team system-wide committee and the informaticist representative and a key resource for the Order Set and Forms committee. She has also taken on the role of being a mentor for new informatics staff as the develop into their new role.
Amy is an integral part of clinical informatics. She has the highest integrity and promotes it through her work. Recently, she has designed the workflow for blood transfusions to provide indications for blood transfusion use. This workflow will assist pathologists in identifying the clinical indications that blood is utilized for and monitoring the use of blood transfusions. As new regulations, safety protocols or laws have changed, Amy is always quick to take the information and incorporate as needed. The Greater Fond du Lac Ministries have always been on the leading edge of best practice and she helps us make this happen. Other recent examples of her work include the DOAC (Direct Acting Oral Anticoagulants) National Patient Safety Goals where she helped us amend the referral and power plan as well as therapeutic phlebotomy roll out at St. Agnes Hospital. She has also been an integral part of the Endotool project for IV and SubQ.
Amy has also been integral in the use of Clairvia scheduling for nursing staff which enabled nurses to be able to schedule from home, view their schedules, make swaps remotely and volunteer for additional shifts. In addition, Amy is passionate about coordinating the acuity and assignment features of Clairvia accurately to positively benefit both the nurses and the care that is delivered to the patient.
Amy displays caring and concern for patients, providers, and employees. An example occurred while Amy was crossing the lobby to attend a meeting. A pregnant woman was at the hospital registration desk when suddenly her water broke. Amy secured a wheelchair and took her directly to Women & Infants to be cared for. During a go-live in the outpatient dialysis unit, a patient in the waiting room also needed immediate assistance and Amy alerted staff in the unit and supported the patient until the dialysis nurse could take over the patient's care. Amy never turns away from a situation where others need help.
Amy is an integral part of clinical informatics. She is a system-thinking, servant leader and we are very blessed to have her as a part of our clinical informatics team.