Amy Aisenberg
October 2019
3 East Medical Surgical
Southern New Hampshire Medical Center
United States




Amy was talking with her director about the challenges of nurses and the complexity and needs of patients. She shared with me that she had recently cared for a patient who came back to give a letter and she was profoundly touched by his words. Amy was asked to share the letter:
To Amy on the night shift: "I wanted to apologize to you for my grogginess when you last saw me because I did not get to convey my gratitude for the care you provided to me. My fever and lethargy didn't really subside until the day of last seeing you, as you shook my hand and left your shift. Upon reaching clarity that day, I started to become aware that you were amazing and you deserve to know this. This has been my first adult admission as an inpatient and I have had good experiences. All things being relative. You have been an exception and you have left an indelible mark on me. Your attention to detail, grace, and empathy are truly exemplary and I am so honored that you provided me with care. Those nights you watched over me were the best during my stay. You did your work without being obtrusive as others were and always spoke to me with respect and equality: that is very important to me, as I like being part of my own care plan. Everything we spoke of you would remember and would be ever attentive to when I needed them. You set the bar high as a nurse and I cannot wait to see you reach your goals and become something more. It is so rare to find someone who seems to truly know what they wanted to do in life as a child but you were right, being a nurse is in your being. Such an empathetic and gentle soul fills you and permeates what you do. Thank you for being here for me. If you need any recommendation for school or professional always know you can contact me for help. I would gladly do anything I can to help you reach your goals. You will easily make this world a better place more than you already have."