Amy Akers
October 2018
Mainland Medical Center
Texas City
United States




I received a call that my father was not breathing. I was alone and my family wasn't able to get here soon enough. I called the nurses station to ask if someone could come to be with me and hold my hand. I have been in isolation so I haven't had a lot of contact, so someone to hold my hand felt so important to me. They sent Amy and she stayed with me while I was processing what was happening because my father had passed away. I did not expect to have someone such as her to be by my side. Amy stayed with me and actually held my hand for a while. That itself was so meaningful.
She did not stop there, she talked to me and reassured and comforted me. She was very insightful in her words. The biggest thing was her whole attention was focused on me and my current situation. She wasn't distracted on her phone or in another world. I could tell Amy truly cared and wanted to help me through this terrible time in my life. Once all the other nurses and doctors found out they offered their condolences and were very sympathetic, but the attention and care that Amy gave were way above anything I have ever experienced. Huge thanks to 4th floor but most of all to Amy Akers for everything.