Amy Akil
January 2022
Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women
United States




Right off the bat, Amy was extremely sweet and caring.
Amy was my nurse during my visit. Right off the bat, Amy was extremely sweet and caring. She always entered my room with a warming smile. My child was born a NAS baby due to my use in the mid-stages of my pregnancy. I was not proud of it and was very hurt that I used during my second trimester. Amy knew this because it was in my records. Amy not once judged me. She treated me with the most respect that I have ever seen in my entire stay.

Each time she entered the room she made me smile and even laugh. We shared our stories about our mothers who had passed. I don’t have a lot of family that can support me as they live far away. Nurse Amy made me feel as if I had someone. She was like a dear friend to me. Because of her, I rated this hospital a “10” and I would tell any and everybody I know to have their child at this hospital. I just wanted to take the time to say “Thank you, Amy”. You really made a difference in my life. Thank you for truly caring and for treating me like a person instead of a patient or number. I will always remember your kindness.

Note: This is Amy's 2nd DAISY Award!