Amy Stewart
May 2019
Cardiovascular Surgical ICU
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
United States




Amy has been caring for a complex patient in the CVSICU for many weeks and has gotten to know her and her family very well. After a long talk with the patient and her family, a devastating prognosis was given. Talks quickly ensued as to how the patient can see her daughter get married, and within one day plans were already in the making. The CVSICU was going to host a wedding.
Amy rearranged her schedule so she was working to help the patient get ready. Amy brought in supplies to help disguise/decorate the Centrimag so it would be hidden in photos. Amy helped get the patient into her beautiful dress, which is very difficult to do with her ICU needs and put on makeup and jewelry. The patient looked beautiful for her daughter's wedding thanks to Amy's help. Amy worked to ensure the patient was absolutely perfect for the ceremony and helped to organize the Johns Hopkins Lifeline team for transport.
Amy traveled outside to the Baldacci's courtyard with her patient, ensuring everything was smooth and seamless throughout the day. Amy's greatest gift was allowing the patient, for a brief time, to simply be the mother of the bride for her daughter's wedding. The patient and bride looked absolutely beautiful and the ceremony and following reception were perfect.
Amy treated the patient like she was her own family, and I am amazed by her compassion. Amy is an amazing nurse and I am in awe of her strength and abilities. We are lucky to be working with such a remarkable nurse.