October 2018
BSN, RNc-efm
Labor and Delivery
Kettering Medical Center
United States




We started our day of labor with Anissa just as her shift started. From the very start, she made the day a calm and comfortable situation. She listened to me (Mom and my husband) as we both talked about our excitement. She picked up on the little things and understood how to motivate me. Labor is a marathon but she broke it down to little goals that helped me to feel confident and very comfortable. Her skills were demonstrated in how she had me relax. I felt like I was just relaxing at a spa but it moved baby! When it came time to push, she gave me great feedback and goals that had me feeling quite confident. She gave me just what I needed. She also asked for assistance from another nurse when needed and worked as a perfect teammate with my doctor. Just two days after giving birth, I keep thinking how much she made it a calm and comfortable experience. I can't wait to do it again! As everyone asks about the birth, I keep saying how Anissa made it perfect - calm and comfortable. Even in the few rounds when the baby's heart rate changed and my numbers were a little off, she was calm and gave me great feedback. I hope we have another baby and I really look forward to it knowing I could have a perfect birth day for our family.