Anna Komoto

Anna Komoto

Anna Komoto, RN

S3E/ Progressive Cardiac Care Unit
Northeast Georgia Health System
Gainesville, Georgia
United States
Anna gave me hope.

In 2017, I was admitted into NGMC.  I started out in ICU and finally made it to the cardiology floor of the South Tower, also known as S3E.  I came to the floor suffering from a heart valve with vegetation growth, which was breaking off and going into my bloodstream.  Some of this vegetation went into the joint in my knee and had to be surgically removed; however, most of the broken valve went into my lung and created "infection cavities" throughout my lung. My condition stems from long-term drug abuse, more specifically, IV drug use.

I had to give you that little bit of background information about me and my condition so I could stress the importance of Anna’s actions.  As I sat in my hospital room on day 23, I was reading about The DAISY Award.  The award, as I read, wants to celebrate extraordinary clinical skills and compassionate care.  The more I read, the more I thought about Anna Komoto. As I mentioned in the beginning, the cause of my current condition was long-term drug abuse, "junkie" as most would call me.

Many days, I spent a lot of time in pain because I was embarrassed to ask for my pain medication because of how I felt everyone would look at me, then comes in my "DAISY".  Mrs. Anna was a breath of fresh air.  She motivated me.  Instead of talking to me like every breath was wasted, she showed me she cared.  Anna gave me hope.  She would ask me about my life, my son...the important things.  She made life matter to me again, by her simple acts of kindness and her heartfelt words.  Not once did I feel judged or put down.  If there is one person who deserves this award, it is Mrs. Anna Komoto.  She represents a true nurse who took an oath to show compassion, excellence, to deliver nursing care non-judgmentally, to be respectful and caring.  She does an extraordinary job and I am incredibly grateful for each day she works, especially on the days she is my nurse.