Anne Cynthia Adams
October 2014
Ambulatory Recovery Unit (ARU)
Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital
United States




As nurses, we get pretty busy sometimes. Such was the day Cynthia got assigned a patient named Mr. M. According to previous health documentation, Mr. M had no past medical history and had not seen a doctor in 10 years. Further examination of the chart, Cynthia found the patient had an elevated blood sugar on his pre-admission labs that was missed and no documentation of treatment. Well, it takes a bit longer to track down and make sure the glucose had been missed and Cynthia took her time to make sure nothing else got missed. Cynthia called the doctor and took the necessary steps to correct the glucose and get Mr. M the consult he needed for endocrinology. That is Cynthia for you, very meticulous. Mr. M and his family were so happy this problem had been found and taken care of that they came and saw Cynthia upon discharge to thank her.