Antoinette M Akers
May 2022
Antoinette M
VP Nursing Clinical Info & Clinical Excellence Nursing Informatics
Baylor Scott & White Health
United States




In assessing new functionality, developing workflows, planning training or communications Toni's focus is always with the patient at the center.
Toni brings years of bedside nursing skills and experience to her Informatics role. This allows analysts to better understand the technology deliverables, provides clinical insights into the workflows, and includes awareness of regulatory/licensing issues relative to scope and decisions.​

Toni leads her team of clinical informaticists (Ambulatory and Inpatient, VBC, primary care and specialist focused) by supporting and encouraging career development, lifting them up when down, regular 1:1 meetings with every member, and holding high expectations to herself. She does this with care and compassion while walking the walk.​ ​

​Toni promotes education for every one of her team members. She encourages them to advance in their training, skills, and degrees (every member has completed Epic corporate certifications), and many are in advanced graduate programs at this time or have recently completed under Toni's encouragement.​ 

Toni has a large scope of work - technologies used by nursing and others to guide and direct care for patients across BSW enterprise. In assessing new functionality, developing workflows, planning training or communications her focus is always with the patient at the center. This extends beyond "what is patient impact" to "what would we want if in the patient's position".​

As an Informatics leader Toni is highly engaged both with clinical/operations (CNO Council, CLC, Unsupported Clinical Variability Core Team, Workplace Violence) and technical (IS Advisory Committee, Disaster Recovery). She is heavily engaged with technology decisions from EHR to Biomed promoting safety and workflow efficiencies.​ ​

Toni has 25+ years of experience.​ Toni started as a staff nurse at BUMC right out of nursing school (August 1985!). ​ She has advanced through the decades to become a respected system leader.​ ​ ​Toni is a loving wife, mom to two adult sons, grandmother, and caring daughter to her aging mother. ​ Toni is active with her church, Christ the King Catholic Church and helps her husband navigate healthcare issues. ​Toni’s second family is her team at Baylor Scott & White, where she devotes the majority of her time. ​

Toni is a Transformational Leader​ loved by all and considered the “Mother Bear” ​ Because of all of this and so much more…​ Toni Akers, you are a ​ DAISY Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree. ​ ​