Ashley Adams
October 2014
Labor and Delivery
Upstate University Hospital
United States




... I delivered my twin babies at 21 weeks 5 days after going into preterm labor the night before. Ashley came in that morning as my nurse. My babies had passed away very shortly after birth that morning because they were just too young to survive. Ashley checked on us all day long and spent so much time with us. She wrapped our babies in adorable little blankets and hats made just for micro-preemies like mine. She spent so much time with them doing their hand and foot prints for us. Even though Nathan and Natalie had already passed away, she handled them with such care and love. She left the babies in the room with me for as long as I needed them in there. When I was ready to let them go, she came immediately and comforted me while I cried. We were not able to look through the memory boxes she made for us while we were there, because it was too raw. A week or so later, we looked through everything she had made for us in the boxes. She did such an incredible job. She made sure we had everything in there that a normal, full term baby would have had. Although this was obviously a tragic time for my husband and me, Ashley still managed to make it so special and gave us some amazing little keepsakes to remember our angels by. Thank you so much Ashley!