Ashley Adams
March 2018
2 Montvue - Heart Lung Vascular Med-Surg
Parkwest Medical Center
United States




It has been 3 weeks since my surgery and I wanted to let you know how impressed we were with all of the people who came into my room. They were always trying to make not only me but my family comfortable. We are still telling friends and family how wonderful we were treated. All of my nurses were great, but there was one that went above being nice. Her name is Ashely Adams.
She was the sweetest and kindest and I could use all of this paper saying nice things about her. She came in about 6:45 with another nurse who was taking over. As she was leaving she said she would come by before she left to say goodbye because she wasn't working the next day and I was being discharged. I wasn't expecting her to come by after a hard day of work. 12 hours is a long day. At 9 p.m. my door opened and there was Ashley, coat on, ready to leave, coming by to say she wanted to say "bye" and hoped all went well when I got home. Tears are in my eyes now remembering that sweet time she spent with me.
When she left my husband and I were talking about how special she was. About 10 minutes later she returned. She tried to find out if I was getting solid food for breakfast. She knew I was concerned that solids might make me sick. She had to be going out the door on her way home, tired, but thinking of me to turn around and come back.
That is one special nurse. Fourteen hours at work and still thinking of her patient. Thanks to Ashley.