Asmait Abraham
December 2020
Medical Ward
Mediclinic City Hospital
United Arab Emirates




I trusted Asmait Abraham from the start of my care. She was caring and professional and gave care filled with compassion. She went above and beyond to make me feel I was cared for, not just as a patient, but as someone in her family, as a sister would. Nothing was too hard for her from answering bells and my questions to checking I had my dinner.
I couldn’t see her face because of her mask but I still could tell she was smiling, and her eyes are filled with care and love for her patients. This is not just one example of her care; I can give many and more examples. She helped me understand the rest of my care and helped me understand what the doctors had said and planned. I never felt alone, she was beside me at all times. She is the reason I am still a patient in this hospital and if all nurses are like this then I will be your patient always.