September 2018
Cardiac/Medical Intensive Care
Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital
United States




This letter is to express my appreciation and gratitude for the care and compassion Atey provided my father while hospitalized. My father underwent extensive surgery to repair aneurysms and multiple claudications. His road to recovery was difficult, but being the Marine that he is, he refused to give up. He had a follow-up visit and at this time was noted with an elevated blood pressure and required him to be admitted as an observation patient. During his admission, he suffered a myocardial infarction, which presented itself with extensive damage to the heart.
My father was presented with the repot and update of his condition and informed that he would require open heart surgery. To help my father cope with this news, my focus was on his comfort. I was with my father to shave his face and have dinner with him. The monitor was alarming with a noted lead off. My father is not a man to complain but his rest is important to him and his health.
At the change of shift, Atey came into the room and introduced himself professionally. He asked my father is he needed anything, and my father expressed his irritation about the alarm. Atey took the time to investigate the situation and resolved the situation before proceeding with any other task. As a coordinator for another health facility, I understand the time he took to address the alarm takes away from his routine. Those 20 minutes made an incredible impact on the rest of my father's night.
In the morning I called my father and asked how his night went. He was very eager to speak highly of Atey. He said this was the only night he was able to get a good night's rest and that Atey rescheduled his labs so that he could rest longer.
If asked to name a situation where my father received exceptional care during his hospital stay, what stands out is "Atey". The twelve hours he was with my father made a difficult time easier. He decreased my father's frustrations. Atey has heart for helping others and is a true advocate for his patients.