Barb Adams
May 2015
Ringgold County Hospital
Mt. Ayr
United States




Barb was with A throughout his whole stay at RCH. She was his ER nurse and also his nurse on the floor. She did an amazing job a making A feel comfortable and also making me as his mother feel comfortable. She kept our family informed throughout the process and helped A through a few difficult patches in his stay. Her years of experience show in the way she handles herself and situations and makes sure her patients feel comfortable and respected at all times. After A's surgery Barb told me that the best part of the day was seeing the relief in my face and that I wasn't worried anymore. This reassured me that she was very tuned into the feelings of everyone and cared about how we felt. Barb is always positive and has a very good way of getting you through a hard situation. I think A felt very comfortable with Barb and I felt comfortable knowing he was in capable hands.