Belinda Akins
December 2020
Medical/Surgical Orthopedics
Doctors Community Hospital




Belinda's voice had true compassion.
When I was hospitalized my "personal nurse" Belinda Akins took care of me. I say "personal nurse" because I felt like her only patient. From the time Belinda came on duty and entered my room, I felt I knew her for years. Her outstanding clinical skills were displayed immediately. She flushed my IV and it didn't hurt. She talked me through each procedure and kept me informed of exactly what medications and shots were being administered. Belinda's voice had true compassion. The more I revealed I was worried, her responses became positive and direct. She said, "Take your meds, eat your food and get well!" Her customer service was consistent and she is a team player.
Thank you nurse Belinda for making a difference in my life by performing your job in a selfless manner.