Benjamin Aaberg
October 2016
Children's Hospital Colorado
United States




Ben started as a new graduate nurse through the new graduate residency program 5 years ago and has been a staff RN in the PICU for 3 years. During those 3 years, his growth trajectory has been inspiring. He continues to master his critical thinking skills daily as well as utilizing every opportunity to gain more knowledge. He is a valued preceptor in the PICU and he is dedicated to ensuring that the new staff which he orients to the PICU are well prepared and able to deliver safe, high quality care to our patients and families. Ben became one of the PICU CRRT specialists this past year. Ben has oriented to the relief resource role and is an excellent teacher when in this role and is valued by his peers when he is in this role.
Ben joined the PICU shared governance committee this past year and is transitioning into the clinical chair role for the House wide Nurse Governance board. Most importantly, Ben is consistently recognized by the families of the patients he cares for the supportive, high quality care he delivers to his patients. He is a fierce patient/family advocate, who communicates effectively with the team to ensure that the goals are met.
Recently, we witnessed Ben choosing some children's books from our unit library. He was caring for a child who was the victim of a Non-Accidental Trauma and was preparing to transfer to the OR for organ donation. There were no family members and the time for the transfer was quickly approaching. Ben sat with this child and read to him the books he had chosen. This brought tears to our eyes as we watched Ben's compassionate care.