Bethany Adams
July 2017
General Pediatrics
SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital
St. Louis
United States




We had a very complex, challenging (emotionally and physically) patient on our unit recently. I was asked to assist with his AM care and walked into the most caring environment I have seen in nursing in a very long time. The patient we were caring for often acted out aggressively in response to loud noises, changes he wasn't prepared for or unexpected movements or touches. Bethany spoke slowly and calmly to the patient, engaging him in conversation, explaining everything we were doing and going to do and asked his preference when she could. She took her time and made him her priority. She made sure he was comfortable and felt involved and cared for. When I complimented her on the care she gave, she replied, "I just treated him the way I would want one of my family members treated." I definitely would want Bethany to care for my child. She reminded me of why I chose the nursing profession all those years ago.
Bethany is an amazing asset to 3South. She is always helpful and making sure her patients are well taken care of. So thankful for a knowledgeable, experienced nurse on our floor.
Bethany is an example of what all nurses should be. She was very kind and caring and took it upon herself to find solutions for his pain and why he was sick. Awesome!