January 2012
Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital
St. Petersburg
United States




My son is a patient in NICU. He is there with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. He has been hospitalized for over a month. I have visited numerous times, but due to extenuating circumstances could not be there all the time. In the first twenty minutes in talking with Betsy I found out more about my sons condition and how to comfort him than I had in being there for over a month. She has never been judgmental. She explained to me different ways of comforting him and even offered to bring his dirty laundry home to wash it because I live so far away and can never tell when I will be able to return. She has always stopped what she was doing to give me any detailed information I requested and voiced my concerns to the nurse practitioner and doctor on staff.

She gave me print outs on all the medication he is taking. Since I also have a five year old, Betsy went over all the new regulations regarding childcare. She is always very friendly and upbeat. She has a very calm, patient, and nurturing demeanor and she makes me feel confident about having my newborn in the unit. It is difficult beyond words to have to leave my newborn son in a hospital while I return home, but when Betsy is working I can rest easy knowing his needs are well cared for and that he is truly loved by her.

When it was time for his first bath, I was a little nervous and Betsy helped me calm down. She was very understanding and kind. I believe that Betsy truly deserves to be recognized for her compassion and dedication toward the newborns and infants on the unit. I have never encountered a more sensitive and nurturing nurse in any medical setting anywhere.