Blake Ahlin
April 2019
Med/Surg 2nd Floor - 2N
Adventist Health Central Valley Network
United States




One day a Code Gray had been called for a combative patient. The patient had a mental health history and was very upset. He was banging his head, yelling and unable to be consoled by even his mother who was present. The room was filled with staff attempting to resolve the situation but were unsuccessful. After Blake entered the room it was an almost instant change in behavior. After a few seconds of speaking with the patient, the patient was cooperative and had calmed down.
During leadership rounds, a patient had been very upset about some of the experiences she had during her hospitalization. However, she had many words of praise regarding one particular nurse. She described the nurse as truly caring and compassionate. She called him an angel. She praised him for staying on top of her medications and making sure she was ok. The patient mentioned that the nurse did not speak Spanish but mentioned that it did not matter that they didn't speak the same language because he communicated with her through the great care he was providing to her.
Another example of recognizable exceptional care he provides to patients was when I was speaking to a patient who had been hospitalized for an extended time. The patient had finally reached the point of discharge. The patient had staples in place from a surgery he had had while hospitalized, he was refusing to have the staples removed. I went in to talk to the patient to ask what we could do and the reasoning for him not allowing the staples to be removed and he immediately answered that Blake would be the only one he would allow to remove the staples. He stated, "that guy really knows how to treat a person".
Blake has demonstrated the desire to learn and is always asking questions and guidance on ways to improve as a nurse. Blake is a great asset to the Adventist Health Team and can't wait to see what his future has for him as he grows within the organization.