Breanna Adams
March 2019
Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center
Sun City West
United States




Breanna was my father's nurse for five days. She was kind, funny, concerned, informative, honest and the best part of our stay. Some nurses come in, do their jobs, and leave-making the patient, and their families feel like a bed/ a number/ a patient. With Bree, there was never any doubt we were people. She joked with us, she kept us informed, and she told it like it was. I have no doubt that family members can be annoying with their question, observations, and concerns, and I was that family member-but Bree never showed anything other than pure interest. If she didn't have an immediate answer, she went and found one.
Bree offered options, asked for information from both of us, and even took down my number for the times I wasn't in the hospital room with my dad. She answered the phone each time I called, and she honestly made the stay as good as a stay in the hospital can be. Please note, my dad has serios and long-lasting health issues. We have been guest of Thunderbird (twice), Boswell (twice) and Del Webb (twice). Never have we had the urge to let someone know about our experience-either good or bad. Bree, however, has been told personally, the managing nurse that gave us fresh water been told, the night nurses have been told.
I tell you all of that to tell you this; imagine our surprise when as we were being checked out of the hospital, that we learned that Bree is a brand-new nurse, only a few months out of school. We would never have known that had someone not told us. Bree has confidence, knowledge, determination, and the heart of someone with years of experience under her belt.
This is a woman that Del Webb is lucky to have. This is a woman that makes an uncomfortable experience a friendly one. This is a woman who is changing lives, one kind visit at a time.