Brittany Ables
July 2018
Medical Surgical Telemetry Unit - 7 South General
Charleston Area Medical Center - General Hospital
United States




Every nurse that cared for me was amazing, but one was an angel sent from above. I had already been here for several days and had undergone 2 surgeries. My pain was out of control. Brittany found this to be unacceptable. She was immediately on the phone calling doctors. Not only did she facilitate my pain comfort, she also was calling the many different specialties of doctors that were on my case to get tests and procedures scheduled in a timely manner, so I could get back home to my children who I missed terribly.
Brittany went above and beyond the call of duty as an RN. She made sure I was taken care of, fed well, took the timeout of her never-ending day to just talk with me to keep my spirits up because my family could not be with me. There needs to be more nurses just like her in this field! To me it seems it's not just a job to her but a calling from God. If ever there was a nurse that deserved this award - it is her. She touched my heart and I will never forget her.