Carey Acosta
June 2013
Perinatal Services
Homestead Hospital
United States




My daughter gave birth to her second son and she knew she wanted to exclusively breastfeed for as long as she could and was so happy to meet Carey Acosta. Carey was not only extremely knowledgeable but her caring and compassion really came through. You can really tell she is passionate about what she does and she really works hard to make the breastfeeding experience a positive one. One night when the baby was being extra fussy and not latching on, the nurse on duty tried and almost insisted that she supplement with formula, which my daughter did not want to do. It even got her fiance second guessing the decision. It was nice to have reassurance the next day from Carey that it was okay for her to make that decision. She also reassured daddy that breastfeeding really is the best thing for baby and mom.

With her first son, my daughter had pain during breastfeeding, so she only did it for a few months. Carey told her that it should not hurt and showed her the proper techniques so that she had no pain. She also helped her learn to use the breast pump effectively. Carey gave my daughter her card and told her to call anytime if she had questions or concerns and told her she would even be available after discharge. This, in my mind, goes above and beyond and really shows how committed to excellence Carey is.

Carey Acosta is truly one of Homestead Hospital's hidden treasures and most definitely an Extraordinary Nurse!

Note: This is Carey's second DAISY Award.