Carlos Acevedo
June 2020
Tower 4 ENT/Internal Medicine
UC Davis Medical Center
United States




Patient C has been in the hospital for 58 days, spending one month in the ICU and the other on Tower 4 while undergoing multiple surgeries. After one month on Tower 4, the primary service requested that the patient be moved to another unit. I asked the doctor why this request was being made. He said the patient was requesting to move and needed closer monitoring and the patient could probably use a change of scenery. He said the patient was frustrated and this behavior was out of the normal for her. This patient also had an FYI placed on her that day for not wanting to get into bed. I asked Carlos as the Relief Charge Nurse to please see if he could ascertain what was going on. Carlos agreed that this behavior was out of the normal for the patient and felt that the patient should stay on their unit - they have an invested relationship of caring for her. Carlos spent much time during the shift chatting with her. During these conversations, he found out that her husband told her that day that he no longer loved her. Carlos spent time with her to see her as a person, to listen to her, and to hold her. Carlos avoided the "bandaid" of shuffling the patient with an FYI to another unit. A Chaplin Consult was requested and this patient remains on Tower 4 with staff that has a relationship with her and is receiving wonderful care.