March 2018
Mercy Health - Clermont Hospital
United States




I have been fortunate enough to have my mother for a very long time. Today, she turns 86 and she will probably not live through the day. She has been here at the hospital for four days and has received undivided, tender care from Casey Acosta.
Casey meets my mother's every need medically and emotionally. The past two days, my mother has been unable to communicate with us. Despite her inability to communicate, Casey never hesitated to talk to her, stroke her hand, and even wished her a Happy Birthday!
When leaving her shift last night, Casey hugged my and spoke to my mother and told her she was hesitant to leave. Casey stated she would be thinking about us throughout the night. I understand this is her first experience as an RN with a dying patient. All I can say for myself and my family is that Casey has made the experience much more bearable, and memorable, knowing Mom had the best, loving care in her final hours. You only have one mother to love and then lose. I want to express my sincere thanks to this wonderful nurse, Casey.