Celine Adams
February 2020
UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg
United States




Celine is a Medical/Surgical nurse on Main 5 at UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg. She was nominated by a co-worker for her kindness and commitment towards a patient who was running out of options. After being admitted under urgent circumstances, the patient was to be discharged back to his nursing home only after meeting the necessary physical therapy criteria. However, the patient had a physical condition that required a special pair of shoes for physical therapy. Unfortunately, he left his shoes at the nursing home. With no friends or family in the area, he tried to make arrangements with various services to deliver the shoes, many of which he could not afford. On her day off, Celine drove the nursing home with her young daughter in tow to retrieve the shoes and bring them to the hospital. By taking this action, Celine likely reduced the use of many hospital resources and may have shortened the patient's stay. Beyond that, she made a real difference to a patient's quality of life.