Christine Aiken
November 2019
Glens Falls Hospital
Glens Falls
United States




Christine was fantastic. From the time she started with us that morning at the snuggery until the end. She was great not only with myself but my support system as well. She was excellent at explaining, providing support and compassion, advocating, and was very professional. At the time of the end of her shift, I was pushing and had been pushing for quite some time. She decided to not just hand off to the oncoming nurse but to stay over her shift to help with the delivery. She did not know how much longer it could have been but didn't care. Christine stayed and encouraged me until the end when I had my daughter. We really appreciate her dedication to her patients. I was so relieved that she had stayed with us and helped me get through that last step of delivering our daughter. It meant a lot and the nursing field is lucky to have nurses like her. We would really like her to know the impact she had on our family and that she makes a difference.