Courtney Aholt
February 2018
SSM Health St. Clare Hospital - Fenton
United States




My dad had a stroke and we had to make the difficult decision to put him on comfort care. He had many nurses throughout his stay, but Courtney was amazing, she was there on the night shift, she was constantly checking to give him his medications every 15 minutes as prescribed and he was obviously so much more comfortable once she started. She constantly came in to use the suction on his mouth. Every time she came in, she told us what she was doing and asked if we had questions and when we did, she answered them thoroughly. I couldn't be more thankful to Courtney, she made such a hard time so much more bearable. She would even check on me and ask how I was doing and if I needed anything. She is phenomenal. I will never forget her or her kindness.
I was fortunate enough to be working with Courtney in the case of a post-op cardiac bypass. The patient was critically ill during her entire 12-hour shift. Courtney was at the bedside the entire time, working tirelessly and taking care of the patient in a cool, professional and compassionate way. It was thanks to her tremendous care that the patient survived, did well and will be walking out of St. Clare. In all my years here, I have not seen someone put so much effort and care into her patient care.