Crystal Acosta
May 2020
Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Temple
United States




The team on 5 South was caring for a patient who was from another country and when he arrived to the unit, he had no phone, identification card, or clothes. The nursing team had no way of getting in touch with a family member to even let them know where he was and that he was okay.
Crystal jumped into action and made multiple calls around Texas to try and track down his wife. This involved persistent coordination with multiple departments throughout the facility. She was finally able to notify the family and helped facilitate them to be able to communicate with their loved one.
When it was time for the patient to be discharged home, Crystal again coordinated with the bus station so he could get back home. She found a route, pricing, and translator to guide the patient home. Crystal prepared a bag for him with clothes, shoes, a pillow, and snacks as he had a 37-hour journey ahead of him.
We recognize that hospital charge nurses are vital members of the team and wear many important hats, but this was certainly above and beyond. Crystal is an amazing leader with a heart of gold! Her hard work and dedication to 5 South do not go unnoticed and her peers recognize her as a pillar of strength, dignity, and vision. Thank you, Crystal, for serving faithfully!