Deborah Adair
December 2019
Wound Care
Bayfront Health Spring Hill
Spring Hill
United States




Deb shows her care for the patients by always doing what is right regardless of the time or place. Deb often works more than her assigned time because her patients need her. I know for a fact that she has gone between both campuses more than once a day.
Deb is sought out as a Subject Matter Expert by not just the Nursing Staff but by the Medical Staff as well. On the rare instances that Deb is able to take time off, she is definitely missed. However, when she does take time, she makes booklets and provides instruction sheets to assure the patients receive continuity of care.
Deb identified a need for nursing to be re-educated in the care of wound vacs. She arranged with the vendor to cover both campuses and had excellent attendance.
Deb attends all meetings and IDT rounds to assure that patients' skin integrity is intact. She makes suggestions for different mattresses and treatments. Her interpersonal skills when dealing with physicians and peers is exceptional.
Unless Deb has to deal with a family directly, they often don't know what she does. She works behind the scenes so there are many times the hard work she does, doesn't get the recognition it deserves.
Deb is a very valuable member of the team, works above her capacity and is definitely appreciated by both facilities.