Diana Abesamis
February 2015
Surgical Observation Unit
LAC+USC Medical Center
Los Angeles
United States




...Diana is a collaborative team member who understands the team concept approach that is needed for successful nursing practice. She enjoys caring for her patients and will go to any length to see that their needs are met. She is very concerned about her patients and she wants to see them get well and move on. She often goes above and beyond to help them, and will engage other disciplines in the care of her patients.

Recently, she received a Daisy nomination from a patient that she took care of in the SOU, it reads as follows:

"Diana was absolutely outstanding, kind, courteous, upbeat, attentive, empathetic, and professional, are words I would use to describe this nurse. I never want to end up in the hospital, but if I have to I want my nurse to be Diana. I felt cared for and she was so kind to my family. She put us all at ease."

Thank you Diana for being a true role model for compassionate nursing!

Congratulations on receiving the DAISY Award! We are all very proud of you!