December 2009
Frankfort Regional Medical Center
United States




My mother was admitted to FRMC several times in the fall of 2009. Donna cared for my mom with genuine concern and love. Donna does her job well, but her sweet spirit and loving heart make her so special. She went out of her way to answer questions and be helpful to our family.

Donna is a great asset to FRMC. 
Donna sincerely cares about each of her patients. She always goes above and beyond to see that their every need is met.  I have been assigned patients Donna has cared for, and they all sing her praises. She is a joy to work with and I feel privileged to work on the same floor as her!

Many times I visit patients and they tell me about their nurses and the care they receive. I have witnessed Donna’s exceptional care and wanted to share a story. Donna had discharged a patient to a local assisted living facility. She planned to educate the patient before discharge, but the patient was impatient and demanding to leave.

Donna knew how important the discharge teaching was and after her shift, she went to the patient’s room at the assisted living facility to give her discharge instructions. Donna was able to educate the patient on her disease and the steps she could take to prevent a re-admission. The patient was more receptive to the education and Donna stayed to help her prepare for bed. She is kind, compassionate, skilled, and dedicated to her patients and co-workers. Donna embodies the spirit of the DAISY Award.

Anna gave me advice about better health habits and my meals and home care. She was a great encouragement to me to join a weight loss program with her-which will probably save my life. Her smile and attitude are contagious. She did her job above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you, Donna!