November 2011
Camden Clark Medical Center
United States




I would like to nominate Donna for a DAISY award. As a coworker in our unit she brings leadership, experience, professionalism, and compassion to an environment that is starving for such qualities. Regardless if she is charge, coworkers naturally ask for her opinion and input into varying scenarios that present themselves in this setting.

Recently we had a patient go into cardiac arrest that was a “full code” even though multiple Doctors had expressed to the family that the patient’s prognosis was very poor and the many usual options of care were not feasible due to the patients weakened state and advanced age, the family was just not ready to “let go”. Immediately when the patient coded, she was there to gather information, as she always does. As soon as she heard the presenting situation, she immediately went to the family to discuss and explain what was happening. Everyone else was busy with medications, intubation, calling Doctors, recording the code, coordinating care. She communicated with the family in a non-intimidating, loving way – including the family in the code by encouraging them to hold the patient’s hand and talking to the patient. Briefly following the intubation the family expressed that they wanted to extubate the patient and let him go. She played a big role in the support of the family during a very difficult time, without being judgmental or aggressive.

Another situation that I would like to commend her on is her ability to encourage other nurses. Recently we had a patient come from another department in which the nurse caring for the patient had not picked up on some vital changes in the patient’s condition. She talked with the nurse in a professional and caring way – the way one would talk with a friend. She acknowledged the nurses efforts and reinforced to the nurse how important a role he/she played in caring for ill patients and went over the patient’s condition. She talked about how important it is for the nurse to be the protector, the constant watch and how this role often requires extra assessments and repeat phone calls to Doctors. This encouragement was just that, she encouraged the nurse instead of tearing her down because she genuinely wants to see every nurse at Camden reach a higher level of professionalism.

Her humor, diligence, expertise and desire for excellence make her a huge asset to our unit and a very valued mentor to other nurses.