Dora Ahinaquah
April 2019
Acute Medical Services
MemorialCare Saddleback Medical Center
Laguna Hills
United States




Mr. S, who has been a patient with us for a long time, said:
"I have hope because of you, Dora. I have been in different hospitals and have spent at least 40 weeks in these hospitals. I'm almost 90-years-old, and in my entire life and in my encounters with nurses and doctors, I have never met anyone like you. You are unique and generous; your kindness is beyond my understanding. You gave me hope to live. Coming to the hospital, I have the thought of ending my life because of the challenges I'm facing. Now that idea is gone and it's because of you, you have given me hope to live again. I'm very touched by your kindness and your gifts-Bible/Cross-inspiration. I regard you as a special gift that helped someone like me to stand up and approach goodness. You're very special to me for waking me to a new force. I praise you for your wisdom and beauty you shared with me."
Dora treated Mr. S like family. She spent time to sit, listen, talk, and guide him to help him walk out of the shadow. Dora became a very special best friend to him, and every time Mr. S comes to our hospital, he will let Dora know and Dora will visit him and spends time with him. It's all because of this special nurse who cares for the patient with great sympathy, someone's life is saved and permanently changed, to the positive directions. Thank you, Dora, for going above and beyond and exemplify what great nursing care looks like!
I am grateful for Dora's professionalism, thorough and knowledgeable input, as well as her warm and welcoming presence while caring for my boyfriend. Dora is very comforting, explained everything in detail, and clearly cares about her patients. I am extremely pleased that we chose Saddleback Medical Center since their amazing staff takes great care of their patients. Thank you Ms. Dora Ahinaquah for your dedication for your loving care you give to your patients.