Erika Adams
August 2019
Diagnostic Imaging
CGH Medical Center
United States




My daughter was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. From the very beginning Erika, as nurse navigator, has been there for my daughter. We are just starting the process to treat her disease. It has been a trying time, especially for my daughter, made much more "understandable" with Erika's guidance! She really understands what a patient and family members need, "lots of information". Erika was very careful not to overload us at the start and gave us positive information, as well as the not so good. She was there for my daughter's biopsy, helping to give her information about the procedure, and helping her through it. We also received a nice loose-leaf binder which talks about these procedures, and others the patient may experience. Erika has come through as a kind, compassionate, and informed advocate! She will hold your hand, or whatever you need, and do it with sincere determination to ease the patient's anxiety. My daughter especially likes having the "pink soldier army". Each piece she hands out helps my daughter to tell people what is happening to her, and brings friends and family together, adding support for my daughter. We know as we go through this time, we have many people to help, and Erika to help us every step! Our thanks to CGH for employing such a wonderful nurse, Erika Adams!