Eve Abel
September 2016
Mount Carmel East Hospital
United States




Eve Abel, RN truly illustrated the Mount Carmel value of compassion as she met the needs of a patient being discharged from the endoscopy unit.
It all started by meeting the needs of an exotic bird! Boris is an African Grey Parrot, who belongs to a patient who came to the MCE endo unit for a procedure. Boris is also best buddies with the patient and, if he does not have the patient in line of site at all times during the day, then he needs to have the patient's wife in his line of site. The patient's wife came to pick up her husband at MCE, but didn't realize that she needed to enter the building to hear discharge instructions. The problem—African Grey Parrots can live 80 years, or less than 10, depending on their stress level. Once they have bonded, they need to see their owners or the stress it causes can be fatal. Discharge instructions normally happen in the endo unit. Hearing the dilemma, but requiring full communication for discharge instructions to the wife and patient, Eve knew immediately the right thing to do. She asked her charge nurse, Susan, to watch over another patient in her care while she got Boris' best buddy dressed, then transported him downstairs. Susan quickly agreed. Ten minutes later, Eve performed a curbside discharge that met her communication requirements for patient safety, as well as the requirement that the family be satisfied as well.
Wow, what service!