Farah Abdirahman
February 2020
Spine Unit 7900
United Hospital
St. Paul
United States




Farah was the nurse who provided care for my husband during his 10 day stay following a very complex cervical multilevel fusion and decompression. We are both very thankful for the exceptional care he provided. Not only was Farah attentive to my husband, but he was a teacher to both of us. We learned much invaluable information about medical care, medications, and how they work in our bodies. We also learned a bit about a different culture and the high value of "Family". Farah talked to us as he provided care which gave us comfort and helped us understand in a sometimes overwhelming situation.
On day 7 of my husband's stay, I became very worried and overwhelmed. It was Farah who recognized this and comforted me with his kindness and compassion. It meant more to me than he will ever know. Always professional and with a smile on his face, Farah, exhibited the qualities of the most exceptional nurses I have ever known. Although I have a history as a Social Worker, I do have 4 personal friends who are nurses so I recognize important qualities for this profession. Farah possesses all the BEST of them.