Felice Abad
March 2016
Medical Intensive Care Unit
Henry Ford Hospital
United States




While almost all of the nurses have been wonderful, Felice was exceptional. As a worried wife I've tried to not make the jobs of the nurses any harder, but realistically I'm quite sure that I have done just that. My husband's nurse has welcomed every question and concern. However, and rather than just trying to ease my mind, Felice has been the most action-oriented nurse I've seen.
One example; a stool sample was supposed to have been sent to the lab 24 hours prior to one of the shifts with us. After 28 hours had passed, I asked if the results C-Diff had come in yet. Felice checked on the computer and said they had not, but rather than just rationalizing and excusing the tardiness (yesterday was Sunday, the lab could be backed up, etc.), she called the lab and learned they'd not received the sample, despite what was entered in the computer. This is just one small example of many times I've seen Felice leave our room to take action, bridging the gap with the doctors, labs, techs etc. Her bedside manner is phenomenal, incredibly knowledgeable and wise. Her wisdom is demonstrated through the ability to know what to say and do, as well as how to say and do it.
After almost two weeks in the hospital, I'm not able to clearly express myself. Just believe me, Felice is THE BEST!