Frances Abraham
August 2015
UPMC Passavant
Cranberry Township
United States




Prior to our arrival on the floor, we spent hours in the emergency room. Frannie greeted us with a huge smile, cheerful attitude, empathy and compassion as she quickly recognized frustration from our experience in ER.
After assessing my mother, Frannie immediately demonstrated the unique ability to see beyond the initial snapshot (one that overwhelms most), to show her deep understanding of my mother's needs. Through enormous effort and innovation, Frannie established a level of trust and cooperation with my mother and me that facilitated mutually agreed upon and improved positive outcomes. From our first interaction, I could visibly see my mother relax when Frannie was assigned to her room. I immediately requested to have Frannie assigned as my mother's nurse until discharge.
Daily, Frannie was an important reminder that patient care is about people first, their whole being, lifestyle and life circumstance, regardless of the pace and demands placed upon her in today's healthcare system. Frannie is extraordinary at what she does and her passion for nursing comes through in everything she does. Frannie's attention to detail is awe-inspiring, she is a true patient advocate and her ability to listen and communicate with us in a non-patronizing way, spoke volumes that she respects her patients and wants them to be involved and informed as possible about their own care. Moreover, Frannie treated my family with the same level of kindness, attention and respect. She demonstrated endless patience for answering our questions without seeming rushed or annoyed. When we expressed concerns, Frannie never dismissed any of them. She knew exactly what to do to and what to say, in order to proactively problem solve with us.
During my mother's hospitalization, I valued Frannie's unmatched clinical skills/judgement, and uncanny ability to holistically conceptualize presenting concerns, and various factors at play, all while maintaining focus on my mother's day to day care. Frannie's range of contributions is broad, and she positively affects the performance of others around her. Her tireless dedication, patient advocacy, unwavering kindness, compassion and generosity were absolutely instrumental to my mother's improvements during her hospitalization stay.
Thank-you Frannie for making a difference! You are an extraordinary role model. Patients, families and colleagues will always be encouraged by your example.