July 2012
UT Southwestern Medical Center
United States




Story One:

I am nominating Gayle Adams RN for the DAISY Award because of her hard work and dedication to our unit. Gayle has led our unit Zale PACU to be 100% clinical ladder participation. Gayle is a patient advocate, and a very supportive co-worker.

The PACU staff has always felt comfortable with asking Gayle for advisement and guidance when attempting to get their clinical ladder packets completed. Gayle has been very helpful and informative for me and many others.

Gayle is a patient advocate. She has demonstrated providing excellent care to our PACU patients which involved communicating with doctors on behalf of the patients. She listens to the patients and is very accommodating.

As a PACU nurse call shifts are mandatory. On occasions, nurses are sick or as in my case a death occurred and I was unable to take call. During this time the staff are asked to take the call shift, which will be in addition to the call they have already been assigned. Gayle on numerous occasions has taken call to help out myself and other co-workers.

Gayle Adams has demonstrated excellent nursing care to our PACU patients. She is accountable and compassionate. Therefore, I would love to see Gayle recognized and this award is a great way to do so.

Story two:

Gayle is a great asset to PACU. She encourages her co-workers to strive for continuous improvement. An example of this would be the fact that she encouraged all the PACU nurses to participate in the Clinical Ladder program. We were the only unit with 100% participation in Clinical Ladder. Gayle had a poster made signifying this which we are all proud of. She is our unit representative for Clinical Ladder. She also teaches BLS to all of the OR department. When our supervisor hired a patient care tech, Gayle saw a need for him to be trained more extensively in order to meet our needs in the PACU. She asked for permission to train this person and took the responsibility on herself. Gayle is a very important part of our PACU. She is a teacher, mentor, and coach. It is a pleasure working with her.

Story three:

Gayle has done an extraordinary job of impulsing Clinical Ladder in our unit! She has taken the role of leadership and mentorship in this area (She is indeed the Clinical ladder chairperson) We are all so grateful to her for that! Under her tutelage our unit has been able to achieve 100% participation in this worthy endeavor. She is also a great nurse. She is very meticulous in her job. Patients can be assured to be well taken care of; their voices are heard as she is a great advocate. Gayle is a certified CPR instructor and holds classes in PACU twice a month that benefits all peri-opertavive personnel including our doctors. As if this was not enough, she is also PICC certified. I cannot think of a single time when I have had a difficult PICC placement and have asked that she has not stepped up to the plate to help me as well as the patient. Gayle is also a preceptor for our area and has done a fantastic job of "growing" the next generation of nurses. I look up to her and aspire to be as good a nurse as she is one day!